For a moment, imagine we live on a planet where everything is lambs. Every sort of organism — is a sort of lamb, such that all the different sizes and shapes of organism are actually just ‘different kinds of lamb’.

In our model universe, which we’ll call lambWorld, there aren’t any least, not in the beginning.

One day, seemingly out of nowhere, something that isn’t a lamb at all shows up. It doesn’t have a body, and it shows up within a bunch of regular lambs — as something they do.

No way exists for any lamb to tell this predator has arrived or is active. Once safely ensconced in a small population of lambs, the compromised hosts become so perfectly lamby that they instantly garner terrain and reproductive privilege wherever they travel.

Within these compromised lambs the badLamb-predator is becoming locally hypermimetic, learning to ever-more adeptly mimic the characters and participants of its new environment in multiple simultaneous domains so as to appear vastly superior to what all that it emulates. Entirely without identity or character of its own at all — the mimic absorbs character-shape from its hosts. The firstHosts become the seed-population — the vector through which badLamb will proceed to convert living terrains to its use.

badLamb inventively deploys powerful strategies of propagation, hunting, and establishing dominance. It doesn’t eat lambs, instead it absorbs and feeds upon their agreement, and attention — as well as the terrain they need to feed, elaborate themselves, celebrate connectivity, and prosper.

Once compromised, the afflicted lambs will always work to deny themselves terrain and resources, so that the badLamb will have them instead. As badLamb soaks up the connectivity, relation, activity, prowess and growth-effort of lambs of every possible form and purpose — the lambs will experience an impoverishment that will proceed exponentially — in as many dimensions as may be named.



When badLamb reproduces (within the relation-connectivity of the lambs, rather than in the lambs themselves), the result is perilously more powerful, cunning, and domineering than the prior phase. There aren’t really any separate badLambs — this being is a network organism — thus ‘reproduction’ results in access to entirely new dimensions of terrain, dominance, and mimicry rather than ‘children’.

Shortly after the initial penetration into lambWorld, badLamb is in a position perfectly suited to further explosive elaboration. Lamb-society has been entirely co-opted into the service of badLamb reproduction — and the lambs don’t even have an idea generally alike with this to ponder. badLamb is now free and overwhelmingly credentialed to ever-more loudly proclaim the great liberation and abundance of the ever-shrinking lambTerrains, and in this phase actually appears to the victims to be a hero of protection and liberation.

With each successive generation, the activity, scope, and obligations upon the actual lambs increase geometrically — and the amount of terrain and connectivity left to them shrinks in kind. As badLamb becomes first established, and then the backdoor puppeteer of an entire living planet — the hope of the a solution for lambWorld fades exponentially toward impossibility.

The lambs of lambWorld will never have the opportunity gain enough cognitive liberty in unitive assembly to deduce the presence or activity of badLamb. The lambs have no defense against such a circumstance. In their minds ‘lambs are the only thing there is’ — thus there is in fact ‘nothing else to be’.

And this, of course, is precisely what the subterfuge of badLamb depends upon and deploys order to sustain and accrue domination-assets. A frozen idea about ‘what something is’.


pretender — to all thrones at once...

We have crafted a parable which contains a model (or toy) of a sort of predator that we do not have common access to models of. So in a sense we are crafting a new metaphor, or way of referring to something we could not easily refer to before.

In our human experience the presence and activity of this predator is more of a momentum than a thing, and it doesn’t merely make children of itself — it’s children create new domains into which children of its processes can be magnified. It is not comprised of ‘bad people’ as we commonly suppose, but instead of a momentum being shared and sustained by the agreement of victims. The speed at which this occurs is astonishing: this predator invades new domains where it can dominate and reproduce, faster than it reproduces. If those domains do not yet exist, it will invent them in its hosts.

Now that we have this toy of mimetic predation which includes transports and terrain within and around hosts of every possible sort — we can examine some momentums related to this model in many places: human history, the history of complex sentience, and planetary biohistory — for example. And our model will grant us some uncommon vantages from which to explore.




When badLamb replaces human connectivity and requires the care, resources, terrain, and lives of human beings, cultures and nations — it also requires a similar sacrifice from the planet. The entirety of the organismal universe of Earth must pay in coin of impossibly preserved living relation.

All of these ‘hidden costs’ rapidly conspire to create problems and situations for which we must blame and punish people, or communities. This‘punish the victims of loss’ paradigm rapidly results in a vast replication of badLamb, a process which expands exponentially until we actually live in a situation were a computer does receive more care, attention and ‘environmental support’ than 500 human beings, or 50,000 animals.

In other words, we will ‘insure this little computer survives’ — instead of insuring the survival of other human beings or ecologies around us. Particularly vulnerable are our own inward ecologies — those of relation, learning, emotion and experience. The single most valuable treasure of every human life and hope.

Since the human and biospheric resources of Earth are delicate, complex beyond our imaginings, and threatened — a badLamb which explodes into multiple physical and cognitive domains represents the single greatest threat to human and biospheric survival.

badLamb ‘emerges as forests of artifacts’ only at a very late phase of human and biospheric compromise. It is not ‘machines’ or artifacts, or ‘evil people’ who are the source or problem here — but a mode of relating with knowledge that we’ve been trapped in for thousands of years.

The problem is the loss of resources, terrain, and human connectivity that the presence of explosively self-copying artifacts creates, and visits upon human beings and cultures, who then must react blindly in response to the rape, silencing, miseducation and massacre they will suffer as a result of lost terrain.

Blaming, vilifying and punishing the victims of loss, in games of imprisonment, persecution, war and ‘legalism’ merely results in the explosive replication of badLamb in thousands of simultaneous domains.

The antidote to badLamb is human unity. Small, family-like rings of individuals, deeply committed to learning, mutual uplift, rescue, and understanding.