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“...of course the term relates to a luminous disc hovering over a scalarly transdimensional tree with its arms upraised... in the gesture of sentient communion...”

— overheard at velocities exceeding c to the third.

The Most Amazing Thing...

Contrary to our activity, the discovery and production of more interesting or useful machines is not the penultimate goal of our species. Whatever it was we came to be and experience together definitely has more to do with animals than it does machines — in every possible way. It probably has a lot more to do with trees than machines, too. It definitely has to do with each other.

There are certainly hidden potentials in our human theory and technology we have not yet guessed the shapes or opportunities of — but there are also potentials in other domains we commonly ignore that far outweigh the power of those we are generally habituated to pursue, defend, value and emulate. This ‘library’ of opportunities is vast beyond our wildest imaginings, however our access is blocked by our insistence on mechanical approaches and technological ‘advancement’. The very ways of knowing we look to for enlightenment are consuming us (and our world) while systematically pretending to a heroism their enactions consistently deliver the opposite of.

I believe that the most incredible discovery our species will make will grant us new and complexly evolving experiences of personal, social and cultural liberty. It will be something we do together, for and with each other — all the time — a very general thing. Having found such a new way of experiencing ourselves and our world we will remember our earlier selves as ‘having nearly perished in the attempt to conserve heartful intentions in heartless vehicles and transports of relation’.

That liberty looks like unity. Not an formalized unity, but one that grows in waves of explosive abundance and regeneration — beyond all definition — any time it is experienced and elaborated by any interaction at all. It looks like impossible movement, that grows more impossible and amazing with each motion.

In assembly and form — this movement would be much more akin to an explosively positive game — than a religion, theory, law, philosophy, government, or formal way of knowing.

Formal vehicles resist change and are far too interested in their own reproduction and conservation to deserve our undivided attention. Informal vehicles are made to dissolve themselves, in order to provide access to a transport.

What sort of ‘thing’ could relate to knowledge the way that E=mc2 has come to relate to physics? A discovery of this magnitude would awaken the sleeping potential for the opposite of an atomic bomb: a star-birth in the inward domains of human sentience — illuminating dimensions which have been forever denied to our understanding; this is the kind of explosion that continuously generates new dimensions of unity. We might expect to have direct experience, for the first time in modern history, of a way of being together that would encourage and empower us to share, grow and develop direct understanding and access to our potentials — instead of predatory copies of these things masquerading as heroes, while copying themselves endlessly into every possible terrain.

I realize that I repeat myself. In part because I am at pains to solidly convey that I am not referring to a theory, religion or dogma — I am speaking of a transport — an ‘ever-growing set of ways’, to which we will at last have clear and common access, and the powers of mutual uplift, rescue and celebration that will arise in the wake of such a ‘disc over y’.

Am I speculating? No. I speak as though I am for the sake of achieving agreement to explore. What I am speaking about is accessible now, and it has the power to end war, and to allow us to transcend some broken toys that have kept us trapped in games of mutual annihilation, in general.

Something got broken in our species, a long time ago. And we can repair this something, together, now.

A long time ago an expanding ramp of barriers got set up between us and our inherent potentials with knowledge and relation. The time has arrived when we can surpass those barriers together, rapidly, and even turn some of them to the advantage not only of our peoples, but of the delicate nursery in and with which we proceed toward our recondite purposes, potentials, and powers.


Load Up on Guns...

I have always been enthusiastically enamored of well-crafted stories, and perhaps especially of those in the gardens of what we refer to as science-fiction. As a youth my first intentional forays into reading were in science and speculative fiction. I believe in general that some of the most forward-thinking of our modernly available parables exist almost entirely in this oft-ignored garden, which has been and continues to be denigrated in in terms of how we value literature.

One of the early science-fiction films I encountered continues to stand out in my memory for the power and clarity of its parables. In the film ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’, I see an example of our earliest modern stories from which many related conceptual children relating to ‘aliens’ were to later emerge.

I think I probably first saw this film around the age of 6 or 7. By this time I was aware that this was a ‘science-fiction’ story, and that adults considered these to be stories about imaginary universes or circumstances — things that not only were not real, but also ‘probably never could be’.

Early in the film there is a scene of particular import to me: a large saucer has landed in Washington, D.C. and is cordoned off and surrounded by military personnel. With a great fanfare of blazing light, the saucer’s skin parts and a ramp emerges, down which a space-suited figure descends in typical humanoid fashion.

As the alien takes in the scene before him — he extends his right arm in a gesture of peace, and says in English: “We have come to visit you in peace, and with goodwill.”. He then proceeds with his left hand to produce what appears to be a device of some sort.

At this point, he is shot, and as he drops the device and falls to the Earth, the device is destroyed. There is some drama as his robotic companion, Gort, disintegrates guns with an energy-ray, emerging from its eye-slot. (It’s interesting that Gort’s powers flow from his ‘eyes‘ — implying that power is related or equivalent to ‘a way of seeing’.)

I felt like someone had just shot the future of our planet, and me, and the things I believed in and hoped for. Perhaps that’s too autobiographical to seem to belong here, but that’s a matter of editorial concern— and my experience was a matter of emotional and living concern.

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We soon learn from Klaatu (the alien) that the destroyed device was a gift from those he represents to our President, and that it would have allowed anyone familiar with it to freely study life on alien worlds. In hindsight I understand my outrage more clearly: 'The Earth Soldiers just Shot Santa.’

I received and understood the shapes of the meanings presented very clearly, even at my young age — the grave betrayal of the military paradigm, that ‘people with guns’ are the wrong sort of people to answer the doorbell that may ring in the sky. I felt and knew that I was more of Klaatu’s ‘federation’ than I was a part of the species that shot him down for offering a gift. But alongside all of these more or less adult concerns, the idea of this toy of studying really fascinated me, and it introduced an entirely new concept to my ‘imagination’.


Klaatu’s ‘toy’...

I somehow received an ‘alien metaphor’ from that ‘fictional’ story, and what I received was the shape-concept of a sort of ‘connectivity-machine’, a ‘toy’ of some sort that would allow multiple ‘places with people’ to be experientially unified. Problematically, I accepted the idea, at least at first, that such a thing would have to be a sort of machine... in other words, I had seen no human metaphor for something like ‘impossible connectivity game’ — i.e.: an organismal transport to miracles, instead of a technological one.

All of these new ideas and stories fascinated me — Klaatu, his ship — his mission, how different he was from those who would raise arms against him. But what excited me the most I think was the seed-idea that there might be beings somewhere who were actually intelligent — rather than merely pretending to be. Beings more interested in the pursuit of the fruits of unity than the manufacture of the ideas that give birth to the necessity of guns. The evidence? Our own world, and the myriads of living symmetries there emergent.

Thus this ‘somewhere’ might be absurdly close at hand — not in space — or distance, but nearby. The reason? Because somewhere there was a transport that could unify us regardless of our actual location. That somewhere might be as close as a game we can play together — with our powers of sentience arrayed in a way that magnifies them in a progression.

Eventually I finally understood that the reality was even more un-expectable: we didn’t need to ‘find something’ (a thing) in order to talk with ‘Life on other Worlds’. We needed instead to change our relations with something we already posses...and are each born complete with.

And then I saw how simple it could be to accomplish this... fast, and then I had the most wonderful accident of my human life.

My goal came looking for me.


Bring Your Friends...

Children know a secret about ‘science fiction’ that most adults would never profess to believe. The knowledge of this secret isn’t so much a possession as it is a power of sentient expression — a way of growing and being together. This crazy secret that almost all children are in wonder and friendship with is simple: there is no such thing as fiction. There never was.

Way down where stories are sourced — a place children are experientially closer to in general — humans can only make stories about things they’ve touched and experienced and have concepts for. And in that garden there’s a living transport that connects, sustains, unifies and nourishes all participants. The ‘fact’ of the matter is that this transport is a friend of children, and it generally doesn’t care much for ‘people with gun ideas’.

As adults, however, we are not privy to the transports that allow children to deeply understand and even experience the ongoing epic of the living meaning of things. Supposedly, ‘religion’ was supposed to conserve and liberate us in this domain, and generally accomplishes the opposite.

Somehow, in the rush to become something that didn’t get silenced all the time (i.e. children, by adults), we lost our ability to dream ourselves into being — in new ways — together.

In losing that anciently conserved skill, we lost access to one of the most precious precursors and protectors of liberty, in any dimension we may name, experience or examine. The loss was an accident of mis-relation, a way of over-credentialing tokens, ideas, and formal knowledge vastly in excess of their actual relational value.


A competition-based toySystem eats its users in order to sustain itself — first metaphorically, and then with direct manifestation such as rape, imprisonment, mechanico-commercial experience — war, and omnicide.

There are a lot of better foundations to start and elaborate from. Almost any other starting place is vastly superior in result. Some forms of starting position are so vastly superior that they immediately result in transhuman experience, understanding, and skill-potentials.

There’s something in the structure and function of your own hand and eye that is billions of times more powerful than the sum total of terrestrial telescopes, microscopes, sciences, and computers combined.

This ‘transport’ you possess is not merely more than the sum of what we understand as possible — it is more than many factors of that sum, and what it is grows explosively if we are merely allowed to establish the forms of mutually supportive experiential liberties that are our birthrights, and the most precious of possible inheritances from our ancestral sources.

They are also our most precious of protections from the atrocities that continue to proceed from our unwillingness to join together and face our true oppressors: broken toys of relation.

When you get right down to it — that’s where the demons that are eating our planet, and our experience live: in the dimension of conceptual models. For thousands of years we’ve lacked the understanding and toys required for direct access to those domains.

I believe our period of imprisonment is at an end, if we can merely agree to explore entirely new ways of knowing, with and for each other, in small rings of passionately committed heroes. Those rings can make new rings, and little rings linking for mutual benefit is the very game our human intelligence was born from.





I realized that one day, perhaps this day, the Sun will not rise again for me. In a swarm, I remembered the Sun had fed and clothed and loved my every ancestor, it welcomed me to birth here.

Every moment of my life was invisibly arranged between the Sun and the Earth. I began to understand anew the depths of the gift I had overlooked.

But only as it was setting!

Only as it was setting!