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• What is the purpose of the website?

Fundamentally, its purpose is to explore and disseminate material related to what I learned during my experience, as well as what I have learned throughout my life as I pursued uncommon questions. My hope is that others involved in similar quests and questions may benefit from my experience and/or understanding.

Organelle also serves as a record (both to me and others) of my explorations and my admittedly humble attempts to chronicle the process of my own experience and understanding of the matters and events I am examining. Now, seven years later, much of the material seems outdated to me, since I have continued learning and asking questions about both the material and the event in the intervening time.

It is my desire that someday we may learn to invent and explore new ways of knowing together — probably in small, tightly knit groups. I believe this will look a bit like a game which has a profound organizing principle.

The website is purposed to facilitate this. It is my hope that the essays provide some useful foundations, in terms of topic and perspective, without necessitating the acquisition of any particular tradition or dogmatic structure.

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