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• What is Transentience?

I use this term to denote abilities, potentials and functions of sentience which human models are too limited to allow or imagine. For example, humans are unlikely to imagine a group as an animal whose sentience has become hyperdimensional. In fact, humans appear to have great difficulty speaking or thinking clearly about multi-dimensionality in general, and infinities in particular. I believe that organisms of every kind are naturally transentient, and possess abilities and sensing/relation modalities which lie far beyond the bounds of our most radical imaginings and stories. This is transentience — far far beyond any models we have ever made.

It is our inheritance, and the birthright of every human being to have direct experience of our transentient nature. This involves direct contact with nonhuman cogniscia, in part because it is our nature to experience and benefit from biocognitive sociality. Without such contact the gravity of our habits of assembling and evaluating identity will usually prove too difficult to escape.

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