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• Why is the language so complex?

Part of that is my responsibility. In attempting to translate some of what I learned into something others could make use of, I have inadvertently developed a rather verbose style. I hope to rewrite much of the material as time progresses, to render it more clear and accessible. The process translating direct experience of nonhuman perspectives and understandings into common language is itself rather daunting, and so I do the best I can with what skill I have available to me as a writer and editor. Although I believe it is possible to speak more simply and clearly about the material, I am still learning to do so. The nature of this work (a sort of translation) often requires that a variety of seemingly separate domains of detail often be brought forth and linked — and in text this process is somewhat cumbersome. Another problem is that when we use familiar language, we’re bound to the previously ascribed implications (of nouns, categories, adjectives, etc). How then will we locate new terrain without changing some of the operant understandings we possess regarding the function, use and meaning of language?

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