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To model a hyperstructure conceptually, we might make an imaginal bubble in which every cognitive, energetic or physical gesture executed by every terrestrial organism (or possible assembly of organisms) since the formation of the Earth as a planet is available as a unified symmetry. Examine this organism from a position outside of ‘time’, such that each moment is ‘currrently emerging’ at all positions in the bubble — past, present or future. Allow for multiple ways, speeds, sizes and assemblies of ‘touching’ the various streams and positions in the bubble, as well as similar ways for addressing multiple contexts simultaneously.

This would be one version of a biocognitive hyperstructure. Any entity comprising it is a unique instance of the entirety, and is thus ‘hyperconnective’ — meaning non-locally existing, and connective across all possible dimensions of time, speed and scale. This means that each participant is constantly ‘totally updated’, and not merely a frozen instance of a given moment — such as when it was made or born.


This term is a holophore and a uniphore — it is a way of refering to everything or anything, and it gets folded to create higher-level (more abstract) metaphors. Since it means something akin to ‘what everything fundamentally is (from one important perspective amongst others)’ — we must understand that no participant is anything but an instance of the whole, uniquely embodied in terms of history, character and other qualities — yet entirely complete in that it is not possible for anything to be ‘missing’ from any instance (at this fundamental perspective).

This concept relates fundamentally to matters of cognition and also to its general basis in connectivity. The dimensions of human semantics, logics, mathematics and languages are each instances of interconnected ideological hyperstructures which leak into reality until they overwhelm organismal experience by virtue of our constant and habituated obligation to them.

The human concept of ‘God’ is an example of what we would consider to be the primordial hyperstructure which is penultimate (first) in all possible dimensions. The idea of being ‘made in the image of god’ refers not to a physical form so much as to ‘hyperinclusiveness’ — an impossible and sacred sensitivity which is the result of a similarly unthinkable ‘transport of constant updating’.

The combination of these qualities creates in each organism a very general but extremely inclusive replica of all of organismal time and also ‘the ways of assembly’ which create and envitalize these potentials. It is this that is meant by ‘in the image of God’ — that we ourselves are linkable instances of the primordial hyperstructure.

But then — so are cells...


Take a pack of playing cards and remove the Queen of Hearts. While holding this card, imagine a ring of cards growing as you observe it — containing every unique instance of a ‘card’ representing the Queen of Hearts or one of the ancient precursors to this card — such that every instance from all of human history is included. Although your structure is produced from the perspective of a given moment in human history, notice that it is connected to many ‘positions’ in time through the inclusion of artifacts from that time in its ring. The ring is not locally temporal, but multiply so in that each member is from a different position in time.

This is the first ‘scale’ of the hyperstructure we will call ‘The Queens of Hearts’. To add the next scale, imagine all the objects ever touched by any card of this type — not just the unique instances in our ring, but also any ‘copies’ of them which may have existed.

To add the next scale, imagine every human being that ever crafted or touched any of these cards.

To add the next scale, imagine all the complex dimensions of relation and cognition necessary to assemble and activate those human beings in making, touching and moving the cards around.

The next scale would be all of the outcomes in human terms of moving any of those cards.

The next would be the outcomes of making or moving cards at all.

The process is continuable as long as we are willing to follow it, and the result is an ‘ever-more inclusive’ metaphor which has multiple dimensions of scale, instance, context, transport, meaning and application. This is a way of coneptualizing experience or understanding of a hyperstructure which ‘grows’ while we attend it. In general, the growth is mutlivalent, and multidimension — along with the transports of connectivity which cross these significantly arbitrary set-boundaries.


It is not merely the concept and its many unique scales and connectivities which we must craft, but also the ability to reach into this bubble from a variety of simultaneous perspectives of size, speed, lineage and relation simultaneously — with the goal of assembling something a lot like our ‘metaphors’ from this activity. A hyperstructure cannot be said to exist if one cannot experientially access it directly — it is not a ‘theory’. I am suggesting not only that we can, but that we do mostly this — in every moment of our experience.

Although my own understanding of and use of this term is from my direct experience rather than reading and research, theoretical explorations of related topics may be found here and here.





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