We are heir to a set of opportunities and abilities that defy our ability to imagine them. Our ancestors have, in some cases, apparently been aware of some of them, however the stories they told were often as confusing as they were inaccessible.

A long time ago, most of these potentials were lost or obscured. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes through fear or ignorance.


In our generation we will reclaim them.

What's actually going on in and around Earth differs dramatically from the stories we've been sold. New stories won't do. It's time that we had direct experience of
our own nature, histories, and potentials. Together. With and for each other and our world.



We can together reMember methods of engendering unity and mutual uplift that our ancestors were adept with, and games of this nature have the power to entirely change what we believe about what it means to be human — because what we believe is misfounded, and our relational capacities are more like science-fiction than science — in general.

There is a garden of stories we can share... which rapidly unlock learning potentials barely dreamt of in our religions and most imaginative fictions... by changing how we interact with a feature of representational experience. As it turns out, the stories we share — in many ways delimit the learning potentials available to us…

For thousands of years our ancestors were attempting to piece together a way to speak about a living riddle which they had constant and direct experience of. This riddle had to do with the source of Knowledge. and the meaning of Light, Time, Separation, Darkness, Life and Death.

Each of our cultures and their knowledge-traditions (science, philosophy, religion, &c.) express different versions as well as a modernized tokens of their essential experience and understanding — but there are ways of integrating the models they left us that lead to a startling experience:

Direct contact with what they were making stories about.

If we can merely agree, we can play an ancient riddle-solving game together...

that transforms into game of impossible rescue...

...and that’s only the beginning...