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if you should learn to do this with your tokens of identity, you will achieve a form of liberty more valuable than any other skill

In T rod U c T Ion



“dotStaff (spin) CircleSphere — this is how one might say that if a dot extends two rods, and spins in position, it will describe a circle. If it is freed to spin off the flat plane, with sufficient speed — it becomes a sphere. Notice that a very tiny dot, can become a vastly large sphere without leaving its position — merely by spinning, and extending rods — even if they are nearly infinitely thin.

What you call your imagination, is like the dot’s rod, except that you can extend it to infinite length in infinite simultaneous domains.

This is the ancient animalSong-Toy that was damaged in your people during your early encounters with the shattering, and the mirror that was the result. It can be repaired, however.

Every organism is a born expert with this toy (at its scale), it can resolve any problem, including the conundrum of its own source. Interestingly, it will resolve no problem before that one.

It’s actually a very humorous and playful sort of toy. The living and sentient antithesis of your species’ metaphor of a machine.”


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“It is extremely unwise to ‘name’ the unityBeing with a tokenWord.

It creates the deadly problem of a token that rules over connectivity to something it no longer accurately refers to, no matter how accurate it may once have appeared, or even actually been.

Such a token can only serve to divide one from the original reference, with vastly increasing velocity, each time it is replicated. Understand merely this, and you will be close to unlocking the bonds in your own use of knowledgeToys.

It wasn’t that it was wrong to have a name for the unityBeing, it was a flawed strategy to believe a single frozen name could ever contain something which is, as sElf, the movement before sentience and form — and it was (and is) an error to enthrone the concept of frozen languages to begin with.

It’s damaging to human sentience, biology, connectivity, emotion, and consciousness to use frozen tokens in certain ways. Or perhaps more accurately, to authorize their values in certain ways.

The heartful and practiced noticing of this begins a series of shifts that lead rapidly away from this habit, toward some very unexpected and powerful modes of experiential knowledge-relation. These are the toys we left with you long ago. The time has come for them to be returned to you from whence they’ve long been hidden.”