From the Art of Dreaming - Wewer Keohane

...shared here by its artist's and spirits' permissions...

Artist's Site and Statements:

Remember what 99.99% of all dreamtexts offer as living wisdom:
copying is frozen light - make not in thy worldself a mimic factor,
but instead be made unto fresh things...
in circles of return...


A page from a dreamBook which references sixCrow / everRaven as

'Nameless rattlesnake/Definitionless Razor - wing of the shadowMouth holds redBerry'

In this 'senseFlavor' of ravenName we get something metaphorically akin to:

'snake-lightning-messenger' and
thinnest-memBrane-opener for Medicine

The red fog underneath the wingfolds.

The rising Tree of the animalBlood(people) from the right lowEarth.

This can be represented as 01 = 3
(rising in leftRight spiral arms)


Note the page # 1 0 4 8

1 = Snake-power/Lightning/Messenger of fastMedicine

0 = mother / matter

source transformed to gift

(in chart below 10 = upCenter)

5x2 is 10 (add unity) get 11.


48 =


(animal number of 5 + body)
no tail counting here - (tail represents unitySong, add to get 7)

x 8

Here, 4 8 = animalSpirit

The trineLeaves on the bloodTree.

The six red bricks in the foundation = 7 when you add the faintest one (unitySong).