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It is a simple matter to relegate new knowledge or ways of knowing to the sargasso sea of the ‘untested’ and untrue — and thus decide them to be false or unworthy of investigation. In the past 1500 years, this single activity has come to stand between ourselves and every possible door or window leading to the real terrains of our organismal, emotional, and biocognitive potentials. The idea that ‘knowing which is not the result of the statistical and modeling proofs of experts’ is nonsense — and probably dangerous nonsense — has become a deadly cognitive disease in our species.

In a relatively short span of cognitive and planetary history, this disease has raped us of our potentials, and our ability to experience, share, nurture and protect them. The experts we’ve mysteriously entrusted with establishing the foundations of truth and testability are not experts at all. They are, in fact, almost the polar opposite of experts — in nearly every case — if we look precisely at the sources and outcomes of their expertise in human biocognitive, emotional, physical, and environmental history.

We have learned adeptly to dismiss novelty out of hand, and since our primary powers of organismal connectivity arise therein, wherever we have chosen or been mislead into this circumstance we have effectively abhorred our hopes and potentials for liberty, while simultaneously raising high the dominion of rapists. I realize that my statement seems severe, but I could stand in any room on earth and provide nothing but direct evidence of this, extemporaneously, for seven 12 hour days without ceasing but for food and rest — and it is my humble opinion that nearly every other human person on our world is in a similar position. Our own persons, potentials, characters and novelty are systematically and consistently silenced, stolen, or co-opted against us in the most fundamental and universal of terrains: how we know and experience ourselves, how we connect with each other, and how we image, contact and experience our environment.

We know too well the rapes and silencings to which we have been subject, regardless of how confused we me be about their purposes and sources — and regardless of whether or not we have learned to speak eloquently of what we’ve witnessed, suffered, and participated in. What we are largely unaware of is what was lost as our connective sentience was attacked, disabled, and mechanistically co-opted against us in every moment of our lives.

I am passionately and heartfully convinced that we must rediscover together what was stolen, what was broken and what was silenced — and the hows and whys of these events — preferably organized in at least a relatively accurate order.

I am going to ask you to set aside the habits we’ve been scripted to obey and elaborate, and to believe with me for a moment, even if only as a game — that the entirety of human mythos, fiction, science, religion, art and history — is something infinitesimally smaller and less accurate... than you.

What I want you to understand is that you are nothing like the models with which we’ve been presented. At all. In fact, those models are in many cases the antithesis of likeness to you. What actually happened is that our watchfulness over the realm of metaphor — the toys with which we assemble and credential knowledge — was either badly adapted during our rise to sentience — or was crushed by a competing momentum of some sort. My coin is with the latter argument, however that is not the matter at hand. The matter most urgently before me, is to somehow convince you that not only were the stories about what it means to be human wrong — the stories about organisms, organization, and what constitutes knowledge are also wrong. Rather than replace any of this with some new dogma or system, I merely suggest we re-explore the terrain directly, in small adventurous groups. Let me explain part of why I believe this is crucial.

Most of us have heard stories of religious and anomalous experience, and I believe a great many of us have personally had experiences that really, at their roots, either utterly defy or draw strongly into question many of the foundational assumptions of the cultures and knowledge-forms we arise as individuals and collectives with(in). We have heard stories of angelic and alien visitors, of hauntings and visitations, of gods — demons, practitioners of arcane arts. We have seen the footprint of the eastern and western historical religions of Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism in every moment of our living experience — and we have often participated or watched as their more militant and rapacious elements converted or erased whole cultures based upon a megalomaniacal idea.

And we have read stories of strange powers — with which we and our children are endlessly fascinated. Powers of changing matter, or time — powers of unusual perception or energetic ability. Powers of minds connected at a distance, even across the seeming barrier of death — and powers of faith, and impossible (by modern intellectual standards) healing. We have the stories of those who’ve statistically ‘died’ and returned — in great number. There are libraries of tomes about dreaming, spiritual systems, and arcane practice, re-packaged for modern consumption, and it could even be said that almost everyone has at least a simple pet cosmology, or outright mechanical denial of one.

In the large — the actions of our societies and of our experts do not credential these domains, and consider them the realm of chicanery and charlatans. But it is interesting to note that if a single person were representing multiple perspectives, participants or perceptions they would have to imitate to express — so the expression is perhaps bound to form itself into something akin to masquerade.

What the skeptics, experts, credentiallers and commonly popular systems of knowing have neglected to inform us of is that the powers that so fascinate adults and children — all of which are really examples of miracles of connectivity — are not fictional at all. We’re living on a planet founded on precisely such principles — in bodies that would instantly disappear without them. The problem is that the models we were given suck, and they’re broken in such fundamental and obvious ways that the second most shocking thing after one gains access to one’s own potentials is that they could ever have been so thoroughly hidden.

Essentially what I am saying is that we have powers that we consider fictional or magical, and these powers are the result of plain ole organismal connectivity. We are assembled by and amongst and within such a symmetry — and its powers are our own — unless something declares that they do not exist, or cannot be ours, which is, in our case, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Written in our own hands and eyes, in the shape of our relations with our universe is a story we have rarely seen any hint of. At once universal and personal, this epic relates the ladderSteps and participants in our species’ (and our planet’s) ascension to complex sentience.

This sentience is a shared momentum that we each experience, express, and transform — locally and in groups — but its sources and anatomy have almost nothing to do with locality, and the meaning of ‘groups’ in this context is really unlike any of our common concepts or metaphors that match.

Throughout our education, our ‘species’ is rePresented to as the apex of Nature’s generative expression on our world, and this is perhaps true, though not in the way it is presented. We have never been given a reasonably accurate picture of our sources, powers and natures. We keep getting broken information, from the mirror of knowledge — and part of this has to do with the fact that the mirror itself is terrifying to encounter — or can be.

I believe that as a people, a species, and a planet we are about to radically re-shape what it means to be human. Personally, I think it likely that this will result from crisis — but it could as easily result from agreement and exploration. The latter is my hope, for the cost of the former will be too high by any standard. The way this will happen is through mutual exploration of our potentials, and not through mutual empowerment of some codice or priest, governor or science over our own minds, hearts and bodies.

The clearest and simplest statement I can make is that the parents of the tokens by which we decide what we are and can be are broken. They do not refer accurately to any truth they may imply, but instead to copies of copies of ideas.. In our generation I believe, we will not only discover this, we will repair it. We will do this together, and the results are going to make our wildest fictions look boring.

Me, you, your world, and our people have been improperly defined to ourselves. The metaphors that we use and credential are faulty, and when we use a certain form of faulty toy to compare, define and measure things the results are catastrophic.

Our cognitive toys of knowing are actually engineered to have a sort of primitive self-correcting property — if we don’t attend them regularly they attack us. It’s a part of our relationship with a kind of an invisible snake. When we attend it, it’s a servant. When we don’t, it’s a serpent. It exists as something like a pseudo-sentient arbiter of connection. If we generally connect correctly and often, it adds its power to serve the connectivity. If we connect badly, or not often enough — it starts biting things. This makes them simpler, and thus more reliant on their connectivities. The snake isn’t evil, it isn’t anything really. It’s a character of assembly.

Essentially, I want you to meet an angel inside you that many humans outside our local time period knew intimately. I also want to introduce you to your snake, because when you relate with it directly — you can touch your sources. When we do this together, we experience something largely lost to our species in the modern moment. We touch the distributed sentience of the scalar domains within, below, and outside us. If one does this even once — the stories about god(s), science, language, and our origins change dramatically from what we expect or are used to.

If what the (missing text) told me is true, we’re going to need to understand our snakes a lot better than we do now, and fast. An example of this understanding comes to us in the form of a simple symbol from Egypt — a snake ascendant over a setting sun.


In 35 years of watching people, myself, animals and insects from uncommon perspectives I have learned that the cognition living forms express and experience is a delicate, majestic and amazing field of connective and associative living universes. If we invert this perspective, we see the negative tree of its opposite — the material aspect — that which our sciences and arts of knowledge have convinced us is foremost. Either way, it’s connectivity between a subject — defined by our perspective — in relation to scalar symmetries of context. We must ask new questions about the stage upon or within which relation itself occurs: what is its origin in our species and persons? What are the threats and opportunities congruent with its assembly and activation?

When we as organisms accrue the ability to formally (symbolically) reference ourselves (self-awareness), this results in parsing — we assemble biocognitive unities which we then interpret and value. We consider them at their roots as positive, negative, neutral, etc. We do this with a system that is, for the moment, deeply related to semantics, logics, and the general ‘state of the nation’ of gremlins we’ve inherited and modulated as languages and ways of knowing along the ladder to our present relationship with symbolic sentience. There is something on the flipside of this coin we are not at liberty to generally explore or discuss.

As complexly enlanguaged creatures, we will base our understandings and activity upon categorical valuings. The sources to which we compare for value, and the difference between our real and potential positions of perspective are crucial.

If we only see the negative — we see a sky filled with stars at night. Mostly sky, some stars. If we see only the positive, we see the mid-day sun. A single star, from which all light and life emerge. If we cannot access the integration of the two, we are trapped with half a self. If we cannot invert any of these to highlight their contexts, we are similarly trapped.

Symbolic consciousness is a fascinating toy. What it arises in and from is geometrically more fascinating however.

You, me, and the many scales and associations of the living children of a living world.

Actually, what I really want to talk about is connectivity.


Our modern ways of knowing do not make the sense they seem to imply. For the last 3000 years our species has been involved in a struggle that we must imagine few lifeForms on Earth have experienced. Like them, we struggle for survival and progress toward what we may become in a living biosphere. Unlike them, something is causing us to not only threaten, but openly erase not only our container, but ourselves.

Our models, placing too much value in their relations with locality and identity, have become a biospheric epidemic in the last 150 years. For some reason, those who we socially enthrone as leaders and advocates accomplish the opposite of what we as living people intend.

Imagine that inside you, there is something like a sentient toy of connectivity. It can connect you to anything, anywhen, anywhere instantly. Now expand the toy from choice-only to always — meaning you’re always touching everything and everywhen, with something like a ray of light. Now pretend that the power of this toy was stolen long ago, perhaps unintentionally, and that by simply failing to notice the theft, or being able to speak of it in even the most general terms — our species has broken our minds.

Something very much alike with this has happened on Earth, and if we were to arrive at this world, as visitors from another time and place, the first thing we would notice is this:

Broken toys are eating the nursery, and the children — in scalar waves of rapidly amplifying force and velocity.

By toy, what I really mean, is reflection — somehow, our species got caught in a hypnotic reflection character at the very place where the window of our sentience arises and is activated. For at least 3000 years, and countless billions of human lifetimes, we’ve been frozen before the mirror of ourselves. Watching the reflections too closely, and enthroning them as fact has nearly cost us an entire living world, and may yet do so.

We need the antidote to knowledge, and we need to have the opportunity to actually experience the birthrights of our animalian and human lineages.

The toys we need are in our hands, if we can but merely agree, link those hands, and look into the window together.



The above link leads to a brief introduction to one of Rupert Sheldrake's ‘7 experiments that could change the world’. In this particular case, science might explain away his evidence easily - and the most likely device would be a metaphor called the ‘clever Hans effect’. viz: ‘Authorities examining a miraculous horse, Clever Hans, (date? 1900’s?) found that this animal could reliably answer extremely subtle questions, and even resolve mathematical calculations - giving answers in a code, by tapping its hoof. The eventual decision on Clever Hans was that he was ‘a phony’ because it was discovered that the animal was reading subtle or overt clues from its questioners, and it was decided that this meant the entire event was a sham, meaningless, or both.

The problem with scientific dismissals of this nature is that they miss the obvious value and novelty of what they dismiss for not meeting their absurd standards and restrictions of testability. The frame imposed by ‘objective’ research denies the obvious sources of sentience, which while extremely simple – are, in scalar recombinance — vastly more complex than we have yet imagined.

But here an example can speak volumes. I read in an interview on the net which could easily be a fable, and yet even if it were still results in just as useful and fascinating a perspective as if it were real. In the interview, someone is talking with an engineer from Lotus, an automobile manufacturer. He explains that many years ago one of their engineers realized that the idea of the ‘problem’ of an engine ‘dieseling’ — or continuing to run after the fuel feed has been shut off — was actually not a problem, but a state in which an engine could continue to fire cylinders without adequate fuel feed. I found this hilarious because at 6 years old I had suggested to my father that the engine was running without fuel, and why didn’t we make all engines do that instead of the other thing? He laughed, and that was the end of it.

The Lotus engineer apparently realized that the engine was running on ‘very little indeed’ and began working on engines that would capitalize upon this ‘problem’. Eventually his team came up with models that ran on extremely small amounts of fuel, produced excellent performance, and very little in the way of emissions. In the text, the engineer said they had contacted the standard industry media regarding these developments and received little in the way of response, yet apparently (according essentially to hearsay) they are going to produce automobiles with the modern result of this research.

Most of us would consider our car to be ‘malfunctioning’ if, after shutting it off, it sputtered and choked and kept turning over for 30 seconds. But the inversion of the error leads to a scalar amplification of the usefulness of the toy in question — not only in this case (as a parable, rather than as fact) but in many domains of sentient parsing of environment, meaning, assembly, unity, error and inversion — the very gardens of knowledge...

Sheldrake’s feline phenomenon could very well be a sort of Clever Hans Effect; but the meaning of that comparison is entirely missed by those who judge it too specifically, from perspectives which are negative and highly inflexible.

The actual meaning of these noticings is that complex (asymbolic) non-lingual communication is verifiable. It has, throughout human history, been verified countless billions of times in expression and experience at every possible scale of individual or assembly. We are so busy looking for proofs that the denials we must assert to shape them erase what we were there to look for in the first place.

Animals, and thus, people (given the opportunity and encouragement), can read whole lingual communications without the aid of obvious signaling. This seems to clearly describe the CHE, but in a radically new light. The meaning of an animal being able to parse and respond to complex non-lingual signaling implies that humans not only can, but do — we merely fail to notice, properly value, or deeply explore the potential of these skills.

These domains of sentient skill are not of minor value - they are in practice far more valuable than language skills - which our modern societies pretend to value so highly, while the commonizations and simplifications of modern media and education basely erase what they aspire to admire. So it is also with cognitive novelty of any sort whatever.

Science has long been in the specific business of erasing the potential for novelty through owning the root credentialing metaphors, and mechanizing them. Religion has been in a similar business - erase history, and the records - rewrite almost at will, and own everything in the cognitive domain entirely. Materialism and commercialism are similar, and more subtle - they are the 'luxury versions' of the cognitive diseases we are vitally pregnant with as a result of our experiential and real immersion in these modern social momentums.

But there is an even more awe-inspiring meaning, whose simplicity is bound to escape complex systems of knowing or discussing such things. It is this: complexly evolved living systems such as animals possess something like ‘access privileges’ to an ancient organismal library of miracleToys. These toys arise from the activity of our cellular constituents, as well as networks of sensing in those constituents - and these networks are interScalar and highly recombinant - just like our own models of our neurotransmitter biologies.

Perhaps even more importantly, all of these toys ‘boil down’ to a single toy, one which is completely accessible to all human beings, and also, illegal to believe in or play with directly. Human history, from a verifiable perspective, is little more than two species: those who know of or seek the toy, and those who erase them. We‘ve literally been involved in a vast story of intentional biocognitive selection that is in its actual embodiment far more terrifying than the nightmare of eugenics, and we’ve been active in this as a people for at least the last 3000 years.

It’s the mimics against the children, and we’re not seeing the general shape of this, because there are ‘too many factions’ and ‘points of view’. We need, thus, to simplify. The kind of simplification that results in something more like parable than axiom.

There is a psybiocognitive set of elemental features (or access privs) which all animals share. If we boil this down to its most essential statement, one much easier to grasp, we could say that all animals have a very simple device which acts like a scalarly self-attenuating lie detector. Or, truth detector, if we prefer. This ‘senseField’ or ‘answer place’ within the animal is known to it. As a mechanical toy, we could say that the device self-attenuates in the domains of time(speed) and accuracy. The point is that if we attenuate in time and accuracy, we get (not surprisingly) a conically spiral shape.

I want to take a moment to talk about this animalian feature of general psybiocognitive attenuation. I want to talk about it because it’s clear evidence that every ‘psychic’ skill or miracle of prophecy, insight, or rescue ever performed by a human being or group of them has a single source. It’s the same source Clever Hans was using. Butterflies, whales, turtles and birds use it to ‘migrate’. Children use it to accomplish the absurd miracle of learning language, and using it. Adults touch it every time they make a word, and could in no way drive a car without it. This is an elemental feature of the 'source of miracles' in a real, experientially accessible, and provable set of domains. Let’s examine a tiny and admittedly toylike model of this miraculous nanoSkill which I'll call biolocative migration:

An animal begins at point A, and must travel to point B. It has been teleported to point A. It has never been near point A before, and has no ‘map’ of the terrain or distance or direction from point A to point B.

Its challenge is to direct itself to arrive at point B and succeed. Unbeknownst to the animal point B is 2876 miles due NW. Attending matters of scale this is equivalent for our small dogSized animal to something like 9000 miles.

For all the information this animal has, the (home) destination might as well be on another planet. (Interestingly, this is the common state of the animal, from certain usefully important perspectives). Many obstacles and dangers lie in the path.

Many of these will be entirely new, never before encountered, predicted or considered.

Point A is ‘right here’.
Point B is ‘somewhere’.


Makes an imaginary asterisk of 4 rods, with it’s current location at the center.

The animal ‘travels’ out to the halfway point of some rod (random) in the asterisk-structure, from the center.

The animal begins traveling from rod to rod, or, more accurately, half-rod to half-rod.

It touches all the half-rods one time in a spiral.

The rod ‘most accurately aligned’ with the destination ‘feels different’.

If no half-rod ‘feels different’ enough, the process is repeated until one does.

This rod turns blue (going) while its other half turns red.

Animal travels to the end of the blue half-rod, and repeats this process.

Here’s a somewhat primitive illustration of this process. Notice that, as the animal approaches the destination beyond a certain critical point, many rods become blue, meaning that a more general sense is accrued as the asterisk becomes smaller, and the destination functionally larger due to the history of attenuations. This presents an hourglass-like shape, where the beginning and middle are critical parsing phases, and after that, less attention to parsing is required; the animal ‘leaps’ more accurately the closer to the destination it is.

[click image to enlarge in new window]


This is merely a toyVersion of a real and accessible skill. It functions in any domain, at any scale, and is essentially transdimensional as well as transtemporal. This, in fact, is the source of any skill whatsoever. It is also the reason we have computers - they are mimicking this skill, and thus replacing it in our people, with a mechanized and extremely primitive model of its functionality.

All human beings have this skill, and it can locate or accomplish any goal. It can answer any question, solve any possible dilemma, even the dilemma of its own source. When humans use this skill in small rings of intimate and heartful unity, miracles far beyond the domains of our fictions are consistently accomplished. Much of what we do already arises in intimate communion with the momentums I speak toward. We can neither notice nor discuss it, because we possess neither the necessary terms, nor the credentials somehow ‘required’ to speak and be heard on such matters.


Seeing these factors clearly, we must select for each other and ourselves access to a cognitive evolutionary activism which will empower and lead us, together, as a global people, to liberty from the essentially constrictive cages of the labels, valuings and categories foisted upon us by what amount to systemically intelligent systems of psychological, emotional, biological. and intellectual suffocation and obligatory slavery.

These momentums are as difficult to name as they are easy to overlook, because - while we've been wandering around in wonderland for the past 200 years - these systems have grown malignant and oppressive in their common activity and terrain dominance - and one of their primary behavioral features is to remain 'under the radar' so to speak. They are actively self-occlusive.

Our world, and our moment to moment experience, is being mediated by metaphors that are cognitive sieves: they strip away whole domains of the birthrights we must explore - and treat those of us who respond negatively to this torture as sick, criminal, insane, or unworthy of care or even notice.

Well, 'those of us who respond negatively' is a set that includes all children, and most adults.

People desire to know that there are amazing dimensions to life and cognitive experience - because they intuitively sense this is a fact. Religion, Politics, Science and Commerce all thrive upon splitting this internal set of momentums into isolated positions, and then co-opting their basic energies entirely - leaving the peoples and individuals in cognitive environments and domains that are as uninhabitable as they are unthinkably constrictive and punishing in nearly every domain. Prisons take care of those who refuse to succumb, as do graveyards and psychiatric hospitals. The damage being consistently fed to us in the form of education and systemic modes of valuing and credentialing that we are obliged to conform to is incalculable.

Together we can change this for the sake of some new dogma, or some person, or some philosophy - not even for the sake of some science - but because we have the power to return these birthrights to their rightful place: the palms of our own hands

- and the hands of the world's children, who are born with their promise and potential.

These domains and potentials belong to the people, and they must reside with them, if we are to seek any possibility of a habitable life or sustainable future. We obviously can't give anyone what is intrinsic to their essential cognitive natures and your unique person - but we can show you how it was taken away, and how to retrieve it - and we can teach new teachers - who will preserve the essences and foundations of cognitive liberty with simple stories, toys and tools.



Our species is cognitively evolved to learn scalarly. We can do things with symbols that make science-fiction seem unimaginative — if we’re supported and given the opportunity. And the skills ‘come from’ animals, children, and our own histories. This isn't make-believe, or metaphysics. It is the meta-science of what we are, who and what our sources are or may be, and the vastly inexpressible potentials of what we, even in a single human lifespan, may become. We can use these tools not to build some restrictive utopia, but instead to preserve the utopias naturally emergent from a world and a people in sustainable unity with their biospheric sources and relations.



Right now, you are using a soft device (software) to browse this web-page. I am actually using a kind of inversion of that, in the process of what we call writing. Further, as living cognitive hyperstructures, we are both employing myriad sets of semi-intelligent inner browser-beings or scalar biocognitive nanosymmetries which have an amazing ability to organize themselves into functional unities. These unities are alike with what we call organs, but are not essentially physical - they are energetic and can contain many dissimilar member-structures. Scientists might call them stochastically self-referencing hyperstructures.

It is their assemblies and records we refer to when we use the term mind, and on our world, in our place and time, we generally believe - and teach children - that this mind is a thing, a possession, housed in our skulls, in a single organ we call The Brain. Yet the chances of this being true are functionally zero. This mind we speak with, of, experience, and participate in is definitely is not housed in your skull. Similarly, the internet is not housed in your computer. Nor is this website/book/dream housed there.

At most, what is happening - this 'mind thing' - has a whole lot to do with something we'd call caching. And the specific and changeable positions of perspective, scale, velocity and approach.

Caching is when one acquires a cognitive sample of a situation, being or event series - and then maps it, and values the nodes in the map in some way. But when we forget that caching is what we are doing, and that all that we refer to and with are cached tokens — we invite a specific set of problems to rise to the fore — problems born from authorizing tokens that don't recalibrate from their sources often enough.

These web pages and the ideas in them are an excellent example. Most people will believe and behave as if by reading a page once, they will ‘know about’ what is on that page. But the reality is that all the pages on this site are changing daily, in no apparent order — so a reader thinking they have read a page is actually referring to having cached an instance of relation activity.

When we talk about tokens, language, nouns and ways of knowing, caching without awareness of it is a dangerous game that leads us rapidly into scalar expansions of essential dilemma. With each passing phase, more tokenization accrues, and the game rapidly becomes one where cognitive artifacts of every sort are ruling over sentient lives.

With an understanding of the importance of caching, of its essential anatomy and our relation to it, however, we can turn its threats into opportunity. We can return to the place where it is our servant, rather than our master.


The songthing we call a mind...is something we are connected to — we are able to modify it and transact with it in various ways, locally...but it isn't even housed... it is, quite obviously... shared, as well as scalarly emergent with its participants at any given moment.

It might even be speculated that by considering this mind a 'thing' which is somehow 'in you alone', and 'yours'' - you could be either poisonous to it, poisonous to yourself, or, perhaps less dramatically, simply unable to have any reasonably integral experience of its actual fullness, depth, and power...yet many other potentials certainly exist.

Whatever you may think about my speculations on this matter - please don't take my word for it. Instead, go watch five 3-year olds play together - or a pack of lions. Look for the mind that is the mind of a single creature, and watch how it changes in the presence of unities on various scales and in various domains. Watch the mind which is at work all around us - but lacks symbolic language, because its language is active and not representational.

DreamTexts - Intro Duct Ion


Imagine a world where each instance of every lifeForm was born with scalarly optimizable abilities which endowed it with a spectrum of 'skills against the impossible' - or superPowers.

In each creature, these skills are generally similar to others of its kind, but manifested in unique ways.

Now, imagine that on this world, all of the 'people' are scalar magnifications of this essential fact.

But there is a problem. On our 'story-world', the 'people' have rendered it functionally punishable by death to believe in, practice, or even discuss such things.

An analogy would be to take a snapshot of our modern world, and then make it punishable by death to interact in any way with symbols. Thus, to read, write, seek writings, or speak of them would carry the penalty of persecution unto death.

Surrounded everywhere by writing, we would literally have to become blind, in order to survive the 'laws'.

So, on our imaginary world, after many generations of punishment, erasure, isolation and general persecution of any persons unwilling to sacrifice their unique powers forever - or to live and die without being even exposed to them...those remaining would fall into a deeper and deeper kind of 'sleep' regarding the existence of these powers at all. They would, in essence, begin to actively persecute their only real defenders - those who opposed the laws, and the situation, and intended liberty for the common people. For all of the people.

Eventually, these toys, symbols, stories and cognitive momentums would occupy the realm of myth, and not be admitable to conscious rationality.

As you've probably guessed - the imaginary world is actually our world.

And the thing it's 'illegal' to do - is to openly explore, examine or actively question the loss of a domain of inner potentials we might generally refer to as cognitive momentums.

On Earth, in most societies - you can do 'anything you want' - as long as what you want is significantly alike with what everyone else appears to be doing. As a pragmatic rule, this has some utility. As a obligatory and tyrannical cage that rapes us and denies us the opportunity to deeply explore and embody our potentials this situation represents a holocaust of unthinkable proportion.

In the metaphoric language of the Wizard of Oz...it's time to throw the water on the witch, allegorically speaking. Meaning this: there are a simple set of cognitive 'locks' which in human societies, especially modern ones, act to functionally eliminate the deeper potentials for cognitive (and thus physical) liberty.

Where there are locks, there are lockMakers. Where there are lockMakers, there are tools.

I believe it's time that the keys to the natures and potentials of our human cognition were returned to the common people, along with the right and ability to ignore, or deeply explore them.

That, in essence, is what Organelle is about. And one of the beings that brings the potential to locate and retrieve such keys is a mythical Rabbit, who appears again and again in countless cultures and stories and roles. Easter Bunny. Fiver. Mayahuel's 400 rabbits...the catalog is endless. But it's not the specificity that matters. It's simply this: a white rabbit who is in hurry brings very important gifts.

On this humble site are toys that will save a living world. But to do so they must be embodied by us, together. Please help me insure they are shared, protected, and explored....  

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