a solution in three (to the x) domains...

Organismal sentience is translocally and transtemporally distributed.

To solve any problem, a ‘sort of antenna’ which is a sentience organ begins
an game of spirals and attenuations...in three (to the x) domains...

— the translator

The large pseudostar in the upper left represents ‘goal’.
At the beginning of the game, distance, direction, and ‘possibility of arriving’
are all unknowns, which means they are discarded entirely.

A process of active-sensing magnifies subtle sensing inputs of

the psybiocognitive animal in a game where ‘an error’ is just as good as
a ‘signal’. If both are valued equally, something that transcends them
emerges and begins exponentially magnifying itself.


Green: Previous direction of travel.
Red: Worst signal.
Blue: Best signal.
Lower Left: Strategy used to ‘color the rods’ — a one and one-half pass spiral in this case.
Upper Left: Goal.
Lower Middle: Organism in quest at center of rayCircle.

The animal or entity first ‘travels inward’ in every portion of every process of sensing, expression, or activity — in order to locate and approach the goal in any other domain (such as a “distant” physical, cognitive, or social terrain).


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