image from NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)

Over the past few thousand years, the common metaphors and concepts about ‘what the Sun is’ have migrated far over the line of error, into the terrains of nearly absolute misrepresentation. Part of this is due to the idea that ‘abstract knowledge’ (systems and sciences) is more accurate than ways of knowing which are neither sourced in nor compliant with the logics of abstraction.

If we make a concept about the Sun that is mostly error... this error is magnified geometrically into the relational character and prowess of every other human concept. When we make concepts about the Sun we are changing what we make concepts from, and we’ve never been given a reasonably accessible way of noticing this.

Our metaphors about stars and light change the character and goals of our knowledge, primarily because ‘star’ and ‘light’ are not merely metaphors — they are instead amongst the precursors from which metaphors are actively derived. Holophores — the ‘concepts’ we fold in order to have concepts at all.

The Sun is an experiential holophore: something so generally present that its actual significance is easily overlooked or misdefined. What this means in the actual organismal experience of our species is that the general and specific models we imagine as representing our knowledge of the Sun, and of Light — are actually the seed-elements from which nearly all other comparative (contrasting) knowledge-forms are crafted. They are, in a very real sense, the source of metaphors. And metaphors are what we use to assemble knowledge, with which our species in turn assembles activity.

Even the smallest error in the roots of our understanding about what the Sun is, is magnified in each aspect of its children: the bits and pieces of meaning and relation we assemble into knowledge. This process accrues nearly impossible momentum, almost instantly: it explodes into scalarly expanding waves of relational genesis in any given population at an ever-increasing phase-rate.

‘In no time at all’ an essential error in our relation with the Sun explodes into billions of domains of relational and meaning-based error — of the sort that leads directly to atrocity. This is a form of mistake that breeds ‘more errored’ copies of itself (which then begin this same process) in a way that gains speed and effect in a human population at something that commonly makes lightSpeed appear a crawl.

Distributed biocognition is elementally faster than light, and Earth is the local home of organismal reality — the local source of biocognition.


The Sun is not an exploding ball of gas. It’s something we lost a generally accurate concept of thousands of years ago. The concept we lost was not academic or scientific — it was relational. A slightly better metaphor of the Sun might be something like ‘living source of that from which knowers and knowledge are spawned.’

Even small corrections to the general accuracy of this concept have a similar and unexpected effect — they utterly redefine how human minds work, especially in co-emergence. Small corrections in the meaning-shape of certain root metaphors immediately results in impossible leaps in understanding, learning ability, and clarity of ‘vision’. And herein lies an open utterly amazing powers of learning, mutual uplift and rescue.

The Sun is not what we think. It is not a God, but this is far closer to that concept than our abstract or academic concepts of it. It might well be an organ in something like God...


One thing we might immediately notice is this: without visible Light, our species would probably never have become symbolically cognitive. What this means is that the relationship between light and our cognition is far more fundamental and charactered than our common models allow for. If we remove all the abstract ideas about light, all the science and religion and philosophy... for a moment of real exploration, we find that Light is a transport. And organismal reality arises in, and thrives due to the local consistent presence of this transport.

The very idea of a symbol was born in light.

And it is far less a ‘thing’ than it is ‘a generative momentum of sentience’. This makes it alive, and alive in a sense that transcends our ways of knowing, and their little toys of relation — entirely.

The Sun is the source of those beings who assemble knowledge from form, and the more their method of assembly is alike with their source...the faster and more miraculously they ‘work’.

We need to repair our metaphors of ‘what the Sun is’, as a species.

Not with science, or a new system or expert — with experiential contact.