it confounds and evades priests, warriors, scientists, philosophers, masters of zen and wizards as if they were toys made of matchsticks... but a child may pass the gate with the proud blessings of the ancient family...

Proviso: Prepare for Departure

this is an ] in vita (t) ion [.

it is fully accessible, but contains multiple layers of content which are being recursively re-introduced into the text by a process that only organisms are capable of. you are contributing to these layers yourself, right now. perhaps more surprisingly, you are doing this from multiple simultaneous positions in timespace.

the first layer is public, accessible to anyone.

each successive layer (and some of these lie in other temporo-spatial matrices), like other precious assets related to identity, has been encrypted.

let me be clear: the event does not take place within the invitation.

][ . ~ o ~ . []

the lock to each of the succeeding layers requires a key that cannot be faked and which machines can neither produce nor emulate. in this manner it is a bit like you and your lifetime.

infants learn by the constant production of this key1.

adults, while capable of learning within familiar conditions of scholastic demand, cannot generally emulate the infant’s wavelike, repetitive rhythm or liquid flexibility in the face of novelty. these features (and a mysterious ‘extra’ factor) grant the infant forceful, reflexively self-reinforcing cognitive momentum which can empower them (or a wise adult) to resolve problems otherwise unnapproachable2.

though always thirsting for this same somatically remembered experience, most adults are only rarely in any circumstances under which they might emulate the brilliance of the infant in the same domain — roughly: learning-in-novelty.

thus, they learn to drink other things.

occasionally (no one in particular) intervenes, offering a moment of... re: fresh ment.

[] . ~ o ~ . ][

the encryption here applied does not comprise a method — but an intelligence — whose ceaseless activity forms a spherical barrier. you might envision it as a transentient gatekeeper active in multiple simultaneous dimensions that exist tangentially to (and impinge upon) language, thought and emotion.

the nature of this gatekeeper is deeply puzzling3.

][ . ~ o ~ . []

those children of the skies who can produce the necessary challenge response as a crucially personal and impassioned gesture of their own imagination will cause the barrier to undergo an otherwise impossible transformation, part of which can be described in familiar terms: inversion. other results are even more startling.

this is the only way through a gateless barrier.

only the true of heart may pass, but you have done something very similar at least once before: when you successfully acquired human language and burst through a strange kind of membrane into the world of adult humans.

much later, you would learn to do something with your whole self — a process of activities which resulted in the experience of an echoing explosion of exaltation that arose and departed — in waves. this mysterious and powerful process involved a peculiar sort of rocking motion that you begin — and something else takes over… and sensations that might be most reasonably likened to a minor epileptic seizure. this can also be understood as a membrane penetration event. but there are many other forms of membrane. and there are far more interesting ways to interact with them than mere penetration… for example, one can fold them in such a way that their structure self-interferes…

although none of these matters are resolvable in ordinary language, this is in part because they have to do with the origins and nature of language. certain related ideas may be usefully visualized with models of membranes interacting, but our subject is neither these ideas, these models, nor membranes.

similarly, they are not riddles, but are analogous in that they possess extra dimensions of meaning and linkage (sometimes involving pun-like extensionality which is not merely linguistic).

these matters are so unusual in nature (yet indeed completely ordinary) that they cannot usually be made reasonably apparent to spectators.

this is true (in a narrower scope) about sensing itself, but most are familiar with difficulty of communicating the ‘special content’ of experiences like eating, birth, death, releasing wastes, orgasm, thinking, romantic coupling, dreaming and initiation.

[] . ~ o ~ . ].[

anyone may read this document and perhaps acquire some benefit from this approach — yet, to be activated, the contents must undergo a synergistic active combination with elements of your own intelligence, history, speculations, and dreams.

should you succeed in this, you will naturally begin to emit the signal of recognition.

nearly any other response will strengthen the barrier.

the covert goal of adult culture is to establish, defend, and articulate the barrier.

the activity of the child uses the same resources to travel in a dimension unknown to adults.

the child’s method is superior.

success in emitting the signal of recognition often results in obstacles vastly more significant than those of failure. it will also almost invariably serve as a very unexpected (yet somehow familiar) kind of introduction…

many of us have had experiences related to these matters already, and have rejected them, interpreted them, allowed them to rest, or had no idea what to do with them — partly because they have no place within the models we use to identify and credential the familiar version of the worlds around and with(in) us.

together, we will use those experiences to retrieve something for which we do not yet possess the correct form of language. this retrieval will transform the capacities of our human intelligence, repair the damage that was done to it, and radically alter the course of human history.

My name is the shape of the leaf, the eye of the lemur.
My lips are the mountain’s many silences.
My spirit’s reflections sing between the lights
and their echoes
as they dance upon the waters...


1. they can, for a limited time, feed themselves this way if this process is stimulated by necessity and marginally supported by the environment. the proximity of infants exposes adults to a variety of circumstances and metabolic substances for which we have neither words nor metaphors in English. some of these matters are certainly known in other cultures and countries, particularly nontechnological cultures. certain adults who have done a great deal of fasting have discovered the ability to produce a similar or related substance, and those who live in the desert are particularly apt to make these discoveries for a variety of reasons not merely related to hardship.

2. this ability can severely injure the infant during early exercises. tragically, because what is happening is not understood by adults (who have a role in generating the infant’s behavior-strength but cannot compensate due to being entirely unaware of these matters and having no way to model or discover them), some infants die of, or are severely harmed by overextending themselves once these abilities are discovered or activated by circumstance. others who survive what might have otherwise been fatal overextensions or activations of their capacities may develop nonordinary relational senses or abilities. adults who suddenly reacquire the infant’s capacities face the same threats and dangers, and will usually be similarly unaware of them.

3. it … flies (in multiple ways, in multiple domains at once). you used to ride it all the time when you were very small. its ‘wings’ are ‘made of eyes’ — a way of coding that it flies in ways of seeing the way a bird flies in directions in space. There are ways of seeing that are ways of knowing that are also ways of travel.