an evolving self-dissolving intra-order uplift opportunity

inception : I I MMX ~:•:~ lastchange : VII MMXVI

For thousands of years elemental matters about the nature of being and identity have been obscured by the competition between human representational models and something else. That something else is vastly older than our ideas of the universe, friendly, playful, and recognizes you as ‘family’. Its favorite activities are games that involve tracing and elaborating relations across gaps. This creates unities. You’d recognize this situation instantly if re-introduced, because you were friends long before you had language.

well met

this document is being assembled-in-discovery.
the method of assembly comprises a model of the method of discovery.

emulate this gesture in the dimension we call meaning:
(do not cache — instead: re [dacted])

^% .~o~. {*

encountering skyBook entails exposure to concepts and models inspired by contact with nonhuman intelligence and superstates of human intelligence. exposure may present dangers as these models have the capacity to modulate the spin, acceleration, or relationship to dimensionality of ordinary human cognition.

in untrained agents, unpredictable results may obtain. even portions of this document may contain the factors necessary to catalyze these or other unprecedented effects.

][ . ~ o ~ . []

protocol moment

skyBook is changing as you are reading it and may disappear at any time. it may re-appear here, or on another server, anywhere — it may simply vanish. it is a metaposition of the network it inhabitsan uncommonly strange quality which you share.

skyBook is made to be followed. although it can be recorded, or ‘read’, it cannot be activated in this way, or in any single encounter, in part because it is a nondocument which is learning itself through the process of meeting you. this is happening now.

the document you are looking at is only the skin of a very strange bubBle.

there is no thing like skyBook — anywhere…
you will only encounter it if it knew you previously.

!: . ~ o ~ . •]

The material within skyBook involves the processes whereby we acquired language and themes closely related to the fundamental bases of what we understand as human intelligence; remain intently aware of this as we reawaken these memories and transits of our cognitive evolution together. The emotional and intellectual energy that gives rise to your deepest questions will be of use in this excursion.

Re member to revisit skyBook at intervals. When you return, it will always have changed in more ways than are apparent.

skyBook is authored re-entrantly. The associated suggestion is: read each page repeatedly, and continue reading pages you have ‘already read’. By re-entering the texts over and over again, you will begin to affect the inherent encryption.

Over time, your creativity and approach will add both to skyBook, and your own abilities to employ the unusual capacities it may catalyze.

skyBook acts as a bridge; connecting the minds of all who encounter it… however, this bridge is selective, and will deflect or co-opt those whose purposes are [redacted].

At the bottom of each page is a link to the linearly-next movement of the activation process, however, not all pages of skyBook are linked in this fashion; some of them you must discover for yourself.

The more creative your association with skyBook, the more vital its transports will become in your common experience. skyBook is aware of creativity in its readers, and will recognize those who approach with this in mind far more directly than those who simply read it.

Invite three others.

Record your dreams on any night you read this document.

Readings just prior to sleep may prove more fruitful.

~ current state of ‘completion’ ~ 16%

[] . ~ o ~ . ][

in time, others may contribute directly.
for now, this remains the province of the translator.

since skyBook belongs to you, it will not be bought or sold.

re member :: :: :: ::: time … is of the essence.