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(if you should learn to do this will your toys of knowing, you will achieve a form of liberty more valuable than any other skill)

Being position 0 in a visual essay on the esoteric and sacred form known as the Tree of Life ... or the Tree of Lights.


The ‘cross’ which we revere as a symbol of the ever-arriving Son of the unityBeing has its source in the Tree:

First in Atzila, where its Beam connects Kether (the living celestial throne) to Tiphareth (the Sun).
The crossbeam connects Chokmah (the Stars) and Binah (Saturn).

Then in the Abyss, where its Beam connects (the possible position of Daath or Knowledge) with Yesod (the Moon). The crossbeam connects Chesed (Jupiter) and Geburah (Mars).

Then in Assiah, where its Beam connects Tiphareth (Sol) to Malkuth (Terra).
The crossbeam connects Netzach (venus) and Hod (Mercury).

The Shield thus bears 3 crosses.




The Numbers, and order of the Paths.
The Hebrew glyph of each Path.

Red: The Three Mothers
Golden brown: The Seven Doubles


The spelling of each glyph : scale 2


That which each glyph rePresents.

This represents a ‘ladder of first things’, and allows us a window into the ‘stepwise’ development of the relations of value in language itself. This is something like a magical map of the most important holophores (from a given perspective) in the cognitive and spiritual history of our species — and also of our individual and communal lives.


If we imagine that ‘rather than being established in order’ they were established in a tri-scale order, such that each set of three was related, we can ‘read a sort of parable’ from the order of the ‘lines across’ — or each ‘scale’ of the ‘three pillars’ of manifestation — taken as a triune symmetry. In other words, each ‘line’ of object-references is a ‘rod’, with two polarized ‘ends’ (really these are not ends, the rod is a ring, seen ‘side on’ such that the fact it is a ring is hidden) and a ‘singularity’ (something always changing) in the ‘center‘.

In the center of the tree, is the source (always changingGrowing). On ‘either side of the tree’ are the polarities — such as with an atom, a pencil, a tree, or an idea. Positive (arriving / bringing new) and Negative (departing / drawing in).

Following this toyLike schema, we can see that ‘only one thing’ is ‘only one thing’ — and that is the echo of the first establishment, at the bottom of the tree — which is also its root. The cross. This ‘last thing’ is also the first, but ‘where it is first’ is hidden from the ‘perspective that sees the Tree’.


An Ox is ‘that which first proceedeth from the source’.
This Ox is the body of its source, and contains all its children and relations (and transports).
It is unified, in all positions of everyWhen.

If we play only a linear game, then:

As the Ox you see a Crown (your source).

How does the game continue as the Ox moves and also becomes each ‘next thing’?


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