“The kingdom of the insects on Earth dwarfs our human population to insignificance. Although we share the same surface area, insects are barely aware of human presence unless we swat them, cropdust, step on an ant mound, or examine them under our microscopes. As far as the vast insect world is concerned, contact with humans is a rare and usually traumatic occurrence. Such is the narrow focus of insects.

Likewise, perhaps a species of greater intelligence, greater technology, and much smaller population coexists with us on Earth, living who-knows-where, and only infrequently do they step on our "nests" of humanity, or examine us under their microscopes. Perhaps we cannot even recognize the presence of the "Others" unless it's a case of deliberate interference on their part, a rare and traumatic occurrence. Such is the narrow focus of humans.”

— Charles Miller, from Home Field Advantage,
The Anomalist: 8, Spring 2000

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My own experience is that even a single instance of what we call ‘an insect’ is ‘more than any alien we could invent’, and so are the animals and plants, funguses, bacteria, etc. The unified body of the insectoid intelligence of Terra is so far beyond anything we can model it puts the sum of our fantastic fictions to shame. The problem around Earth is not ‘where are the aliens?’, it’s the opposite: Why is everything everywhere swimming in aliens whose intelligence and prowess we cannot credential?

Allow me to suggest that as a species, humanity is ‘missing a crucial idea’ from our lexicons of ‘what stuff is’. The crucial idea is simple: the game is about transtemporally distributed multi-sentience. Forget competition, that’s a token standing in the way of us seeing what’s actually going on around here.

Now, and for the last 4.5 billion years, the only game in town has been this: pure alien. The unfortunate cause for the ignorance and isolation of our species from each other and our potentials is simple: we’re taught to be xenophobic, and to have hysterically violent responses to novelty. As a species, we enact these ‘ways of knowing’ catastrophically, such that our intelligence actually inverts and becomes a sophisticated mimetic momentum which we are bound to feed and accomplish in our minds and world. The ‘opposite of knowing’ — omnicide.

It is crucial that we understand: we live right now in a universe where a local life-form as ‘simple’ as a slug is already billions of ‘times’ more elegant than the sum of technology our species will ever produce. It’s hard to explain how significant this is, because understanding it clearly changes what a human mind is and may become. The truth of our planet is so beyond our understanding that we must find a way to step outside all of what we’ve come to know, before we can have any hope of glimpsing what is right here, now, accessible and present. We don’t have to discard what we believe we’ve learned, but we do need to be able to set all of it completely aside, and go look — together, in person, at what and who is actually going on around here. It’s nothing like the models we’ve been pretending around. At all.


A fragment of a conversation:

child: Hey, what’s intelligence made of?

whiteRabbit: Same as everything else.

c: What’s that everything else made of then?

wR: It’s not a ‘what’. It’s a ‘who’.

c: Everything is made of a ‘who’? Who is it?

wR: It’s the multiWho.

c: the what?

wR: The multiWho. It’s sort of like when you’re playing pinball, and suddenly you get a special bonus and your one ball becomes three... except that all the beings in all moments and speeds, sizes and places of time — are one.

c: Pinball?

wR: Nevermind. You know those video-games that you play together?

c: Yeah.

wR: Usually ‘more fun with more players’, right?

c: Yeah, and when there are more than one it’s like we’re all together even though we’re competing in another way.

wR: Exactly. It looks like you’re competing, but you’re actually ‘having better fun together’. In fact, when you’re together, something magical happens. Each of you becomes more of what you can be — without it being stipulated ‘what precisely that is’. You express and experience ‘more’, in general.

c: Yeah, I get it. So this whole ‘competition’ idea is maybe not so important as everyone says?

wR: Yes, there are also other kinds of competition, where everyone competes for each other, instead of against.

c: Right. Like when we play, we’re all competing to make the whole playing-ness we are playing ‘more fun’.

wR: Exactly.

c: Is intelligence made of the multiWho?

wR: Kind of. When you ask that question, the multiWho is asking it, too. It’s an old question, but each time it’s asked, there’s a new and growing answer.

c: Cool! Sounds like you’re saying ‘the stuff intelligence is made of’ is growing.

wR: Yep. Ours is growing right now, like an explosion, except ‘inward’.

c: [appears surprised for a moment] How does it grow?

wR: It cannot fail to grow explosively, and in general, that’s the way it grows. All the little forms of Life you encounter are one creature. It’s the same as if your fingers wandered around pursuing questions and lives of their own while you sleep, and you can’t tell. Except, it’s better than that. It’s like each finger was a unique size and speed and form of you, each completely endowed, in littleForm. So they would see and taste and learn and get scared and dream — just like you.

Since they all connect across an invisible radio, the places were their signals collect together become prodigies of intelligence — each at a unique size, scale, and form.

c: Wow! You mean every animal or insect or plant is a ‘distant finger’ that leads to something?

wR: Nope, those fingers lead to someOne.

c: Oh, right. They all lead to the multiWho? Hmm. So I think you’re saying that intelligence is like a video game where all the players there ever are, were, or will be — play at once?

wR: You’re fast. Yes. Something like that.

c: And the network that connects them is the multiWho?

wR: Yep. There’s more, and the whole thing is different every time you reference it — but that’s a decent place to start to understand from...


En C Our Age Ment

It happened that one night, in the summer of 2002 that I met an extremely peculiar rabbit made of light. It wasn’t precisely white, and it wasn’t exactly a rabbit — but it was akin to white because it was bright, and it was akin to a rabbit because it was exceptionally fast with any possible game involving holes. Actually, it was made of living connectivity, which looks a lot like light, when you experience it, inside.

Within about 4 minutes, this ‘strange rabbit’ had given me a miraculously playful and impossibly accurate primer on the source of knowledge, light, stars, physics, language, religion, consciousness and energy. It did this with a toy: a rod with a ball in the center. Spinning this toy before me, the rabbit explained the poetics of the source of all beings and intelligences in ‘about 4 minutes’. The communication gesture of the rabbit resolved into a lesson in the unified history of knowledge and organismal reality — offered with nothing more than a toy stick of a very peculiar sort.

At first I’d no idea what or who it was that was going on. In fact, every time I tried to form a stable idea after that, I learned that stable ideas are not the most useful sort to have, in general. The rabbit played a game with me where every time I tried to limit ‘what or who this was’ by applying a model or name or label, my new companion would playfully exceed whatever I provided in every possible way.

This rapidly became a startlingly enlightening experience. I had to learn to follow in an entirely new dimension. The same way we follow the culture we arrive in, through our parents, family and peers — when we are born. But the speed — the speed at which I was learning was far beyond anything I considered possible while still in mortal form.



The Agent from everyWhen...

It seemed this rabbit was intent on ‘taking me on an extremely uncommon sort of ride’ that we don’t exactly have a word for. It was perhaps most significantly ‘a unity lesson’ about ‘a kind of being which is the source and purpose of unity and distinction in every possible dimension’. A unityBeing.

The rabbit was saying ‘everyWhen is alive — together!’. In fact, the way it was talking about life and understanding was gaining dimensions as it spoke with me. I had never experienced ‘a way of gaining dimensions’ before. Their ways of learning are like a lesson on intellectual polyphony — anything revealed relates simultaneously to every possible ‘field’ of knowledge — history, language, biology, poetics, myth, religion, art, mathematics, physics and cognitive science. All at once. From 7 simultaneous perspectives, at an ever-increasing number of ‘speeds’.

I soon realized that there’s a celestial ‘scale’ of the human doll we call ‘a university’, where every possible object in every possible universe is a beingand these beings play teaching and learning games at all times — sort of like a library where every book was a living book, and also ‘your best friend’. You’ve got a living link to this entire university in your abdomen. It’s not made of an organ, but of a rather magical form of connectivity.

This university is extremely big. It’s so big that if you see it all at once, from above, you feel very certain that you’ve died, or are about to. The teachers there are more amazing than the sum of human stories and religions combined — in fact, the experience of entering this school surpasses anything it is possible to imagine — consistently, and repeatedly.

Not only are the inhabitants friendly, they are heroic and playful. Some of the best teachers are the tiniest, and the fastest.

I want to be certain this is clear: you possess a unique living radio that links you to a universe-city of teachers older than our models of the physical universe. On our world, we’re taught to trade direct experiential access to this for dolls, cages, labels, slavery, ‘prices’, silencing, torture, war, rape, confusion, and general mean-making.

As of now, we can learn something different together, for each other. It’s easy, and children learn better than experts.

We won’t be doing this for the sake of dogmas, authors, tyrants, ‘security’, rulers, cash, props, books, ‘religions’ or dolls.

For a change, we’ll be doing it for each other.


When I asked the rabbit where it was from, it would take me and show me. To the rabbit, any form of where was a form of who, first. In fact, any sort of question lead rapidly to travel inside a multiply multiplying who of some sort or another. I began to understand that the rabbit was from everyWhen. About the closest analog I can produce is that the rabbit was from a living library — a place where the lifeForms all learn together, all the time. To them, the purpose of the universe was ‘fun’. Fun meant something akin to ‘what we do together, by which we all grow explosively, impossibly and magically more unified’.

For the next 9 months — we simply kept going to see, in person. Every time I asked any sort of question — we went to a different number of speeds and sizes of places and entities. There was no question which could not be almost instantly and perfectly resolved in this way.

All of them were multiWhos. The difference between them and us is that they know this, while we pretend otherwise. They have access and are constantly trying to grant this to our species, and we we refuse in every case — because the way we play knowledge-games breaks connectivity with their universe as its first gesture.

A single hour of this experience was more illuminating than what I believe I would learn in 5 lifetimes. The educational potentials of this ‘discovery’ can, and I believe will, change our world. Everything. Starting now.


Child: I’m still not sure where intelligence comes from, but I think I see something about what you’re saying, too.

whiteRabbit: Remember when I said it’s like all the separate creatures are fingers on a single hand — connected by something invisible?

c: Yeah, like if I had tons of dogs who were ‘me’, and the whole pack of them was also like a super-animal.

wR: Right. So imagine all the creatures of your world connect to form a single extremely profound intelligence, and pretend this is the ‘hand’ of something with many seemingly separate fingers.

c: What’s connecting them all?

wR: Between the distanced elements across any gap of any kind at all — there’s a dimension that connects them — and this dimension is a being. The whole ‘being’ acts as a giant antenna. Most of the ‘solid’ part of the antenna is in what you call the environment, but not all of it. In fact, this dimension is a good friend of mine.

c: You have a friend who is a dimension?

wR: Yes, and so do you — in fact, it’s your best friend. But it’s a lot more interesting than that. Each of the creatures on Earth is a local instance of all of them. Always. No ‘updating’ required. It’s as if there’s a magical thread connecting every moment and scale of every creature in all of time — to every creature, in all of time.

c: It sounds like a strange octopus living outside of time.

wR: Yes, where each ‘tentacle’ is a unique moment of a being, somewhere ‘inside time’, at some size — at some speed of time...

c: wow.

wR: Yatahey — we say the same thing. Wow. The reason is that the octopus is so amazingly fast that every time you touch any part of it — you’re in an entirely unique new universe... no matter what you do or where you go. And if you’re with other beings — you change each other and these universes just coming together. Any gesture at all changes every being that has will or shall exist — everywhen!

c: It seems like you’re saying that if three people agree — it’s like three times the whole universe in all of time — suddenly joining together. And this changes all the universes everywhere — since all are connected by that strange thread.

wR: Wow.

c: Wow!


biocognition: the best explosive ever

If you really want to understand what time and biology are about you have to somehow get to a position outside of time and biology. What humans actually understand about organisms and environments is exceptionally primitive when compared to what is actually going on around here. According to my rabbit, one of the easiest ways to accomplish this is hitchhiking — but that’s a subject for another place.

For now what I want to talk about is how to build a bomb that blows things together, instead of apart — because that’s the sort of bomb life is — in general — and the universe itself is similar, but is more than alive. It happens that this kind of explosive is the sort that produces learning, memory and intelligence in biocognitive hyperstructures such as ourselves. This ‘kind of thing’ is not a thing at all — it is instead an instance of every being in all of time — locally conserved in what appear to us as ‘individuals’. In this sort of game, the learning and relational dimensions of all beings exist as a web which is at once with(in) and unique from all the beings of Earth, and this means that any living creature has access to the sum of biological experience — outside of time. There is no such thing as a gap.

Perhaps the single most urgent and important thing for us to realize is that Earth is a biocognitive unity — which, in simple terms, means that the sum of the experience of terrestrial life forms is a shared dimension. Whatever is happening to any being here, is happening to all the beings here — and the complexity of the sum, is the complexity available to each individual — in a dimension we don’t yet believe in — simply because our sciences have not ‘discovered’ this dimension.

A long time ago, this dimension was called ’spirit’, which meant ‘the dimension in which all beings are connected’. The problem here on Earth is that the most complex creatures — humans — are extremely busy erasing the anciently conserved biocognitive complexity that surrounds us, and replacing it with mechanical and industrial momentums which torture and toxicify the entire terrestrial environment.

Since this game of biocognition depends upon local and distributed complexity, health, and diversity the result of our activity is the erasure of the very source and basis of our own intelligence, and as this process proceeds — we are rendered less and less likely to be able to notice this effect.

We’re dumbifying the planet, and ourselves, by wiping out the complex animalian and vegetative biointelligence of our world. The more we erase, the less capable we are of noticing the results, because the results are inhibiting our relational intelligence in waves that magnify themselves exponentially.as the process proceeds.

We cannot see what we’re doing for a simple reason: we don’t believe that there’s any connection between the health of the biosphere and our intelligence. Instead, we believe a fable — that intelligence is inherent to our persons or species. It isn’t. In fact, as anyone who even briefly examines this will see, human intelligence is a transmission game. The representational aspect is transmitted by contact with human cultures, and the inherent biocognitive aspect is transmitted by experiential immersion relations with living environments, as well as that invisible dimension we spoke of which connects all the life-forms of Earth in a web of co-emergent ‘likeness’.

The way Earth assembles intelligence is fundamentally relational, and our species rose to our seemingly-complex position in this game partly because in the genesis-phase of this rise, the biocomplex diversity of Earth and our experiential environments was explosively magnificent. But something got mixed-up in our species, and very early on we began attacking the sources of our own relational intelligence: we made war against the animalian biosphere, and in so doing, we underwent a bizarre and systemic trauma where the damage we there inflicted was instantly reflected in ourselves, our activities, our potentials, and our cultures — just as it is today.


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